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Grow Dwarf Citrus Trees at Home.

These citrus trees will give you fresh fruit year round, making you the envy of your friends. The plants need plenty of sunshine, so they are perfect for the back yard, sunroom, atrium, by a south facing window in your home or any other cold-protected area. Planting your tree in a pot instead of in the ground will limit the tree's growth and overall size making these trees great for use on your patio or inside your home.

Very importantly, our citrus trees are Texas A & M University Certified Virus-Free. All budwood is from TAMU Citrus Center, Weslaco, and is certified virus-free by TAMU. For more info, go to http://aggie-horticulture.tamu.edu/citrus/.

Our containerized dwarf citrus trees are ready to showcase right out of the box. Expertly written care instructions are included with every order along with the toll-free telephone number to our farm.

  • The shipping "sleeve" enables you to get the entire root ball and soil rather than "bare root."
  • Getting the soil with the tree greatly increases your success with your new citrus tree.
  • We grow a standard size, budded tree, not a rooted cutting.
  • Trees are on semi-dwarfing rootstock which is good for growing in pots or in the ground. Growing in a pot will limit the growth and overall tree size.

U.S. agriculture regulations dictate that we cannot ship to CA, AZ, LA or FL or outside the contiguous United States.