Citrus Tree Care

How to Care for Citrus Trees

Orange trees are easily grown in Florida, California, Texas and Arizona because of the moderate temperatures. Orange Trees just require a few basic elements to produce fruit and become an attractive part of your landscape... more »

How to Choose a Patio Tree

You'll live up close and personal with a patio tree, so choose one like you would a sofa for the family room. Look for durability, seasonal colors you like and a comfortable shape. Following are some further considerations... more »

How to Grow a Meyer Lemon Tree Indoors

Growing your own Meyer Lemons is especially rewarding. Not only do you get to eat the fruit of your efforts, you will enjoy watching for new lemons each day. One of these trees will be a great converstation piece in your home!... more »

How to Fertilize Citrus Trees

Fertilizing your orange, lemon and grapefruit trees will keep them healthy, green and productive... more »

How to Grow Lemon Trees

If you plant, remembering to water and fertilize your lemon trees with care is not only crucial but will help result in consistently healthy, attractive trees, as well as a quality harvest. Follow these simple but important steps to grow and take... more »

How to Grow Orange Trees

Healthy trees and a sweet, delicious harvest are the goal as you tend your oranges throughout the year. Follow these few steps to help grow healthy orange trees... more »

How to Protect Citrus Trees From Frost

When temperatures are expected to fall below freezing, you need to protect your orange, lemon and other citrus trees to prevent frost damage... more »

How to Prune a Citrus Tree

Prune to keep trees healthy, attractive and within bounds. Other than lemon trees, citrus trees do not require frequent pruning to remain productive... more »

How to Water Citrus Trees

Citrus trees need frequent deep watering to produce a quality crop of fresh fruit. more »

How to Grow Grapefruit Trees

Knowing how to water, fertilize and care for grapefruit trees ensures healthy, handsome trees and a sweet harvest... more »

How to Choose a Tree for a Container

Make a bold statement on your patio, by the front door or in the sun room with a huge decorative pot topped with a beautiful small tree. Use trees in containers to add height anywhere and to add flowers, fruit and fall color to your garden... more »

How to Plant a Tree in a Container

Trees that have been established in containers add beauty and enjoyment to both outdoor and indoor environments. Many trees are suited for life in a container. You can grow many exotic species that couldn't otherwise survive in your area, simply... more »